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Catherine Hardwicke. LOL!

“Rock n Roll!”


She just loves to stand out i guess. But i love her for making Twilight a success, although not THAT good.


New Moon sneak peek!

This is totally New Moon love. Im totally craving for it. And i wanna hurry November up.


Both of Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) goes SHIRTLESS! I cried for this. seriously.

Jacob goes top-off! He is totally hot, but still, I hate him. im on Team edward.

Oh Edward…IS SHIRTLESS! I love him! cant wait for new moon. CANT WAIT!

Stephenie Meyer speaks of Midnight Sun illegal distribution online

statement of Stephenie Meyer

im really sad for Stephenie, i can feel exactly what she is going through now, and i know that its a very hard time.

If you’re a Midnight Sun fan, you will read this thoroughly and Stephenie’s statement will be embedded into your mind.

Please stop Midnight Sun Leaking.

New Moon crazy conversation with meYah

In HASC forum, i also met another Twilight Saga fan. we had our crazy conversation about New Moon.

this is the URL.
uploaded yesterday.

[url of New moon trailer]

i cried when…
– bella got a papercut
– edward left bella
– jacob turned into a warewolf.

Chris Weitz, i love you.
you are so great when it comes to Special FX.
cheers for Chris Weitz and the New Moon Family!

you can only imagine how loud my screams are.
NKAKAKiLiG!!! dti, ayw na ayw ko kay Jcob,
ngeon, ang gwapo na nea!
lalo na nung nging werewolf sea? my gosh!
pro iba eung nangyre sa book, at dean sa movie.
lging mas mgnda eung gnagwa sa movie kesa sa book!
haha. ang gnda gnda tlga!

maulit-ulit nga! haha.
nkkaiyak nung iniwan ni edward si bella,
kwawang kwawa tlga si bella nun ee!
ilang months nun na, prang nwlan sea ng social life?
sbi nga sa book, pra seang isang living zombie?

haii nku. aq sigaw aq nan sigaw d2. hahaha. atleast lumabas nden ung trailer. soo happy! wafu ni jacob noh! mas lalo amn c edward! hahaha! sna sbay sbay tau mkapanuod nito.


haha, unga po ee! sbi nla, ng-work out pa si Jacob,
pra lng mgwa tong movie na to!
si Edward nman, mas lalong gumwapo!
nkakainis! November pa. haay.

garbe c jacob laki na ng katawan nea. garbe. tas tinapatan pa ng maganang special FX ni Chris Weitz, garbe. super werewolf material. KAINISSS! NOVEMBER PA! sb ni Chris weitz ung mga hallucinations ni Bella abt kei Edward, mas complez pa daw. AS IN SI EDWARD TLGA UNG ANDUN. hindi lng voices. waaa!


waaaah! as in hndi lng voices? nandun tlga si Edward? WOW! haha, this is gonna be superr EXCiTiNG!!
unga po, ang gling dn ni Chris mag-effects ee. dba hndi nman po tlga si Jacob lng ang susugod dpat kay Laurent ba eun? dba po ksma nea eung buong pack? ang dmi nlang iniba!
pero mas gumagnda! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
grbe, prang di ako mkahntay hanggang November. haha.

eung Harry Potter 6 po eun, Harry Potter & the Half-blood prince?
exciting dn po eun ee! start na po ng war, pero di pa nman mxado.
mas grbe po eung sa 7, sa 6 po kse mamamatay si Dumbledore.
tpos papalit skanea si Snape, tpos sa 7, hndi na sla mkkblik ng Hogwarts.
mag-ttgo na sla. hhnapin nla eung mga horcruxes. eun po kse eung bilin skanila ni Albus ee.
grbe tlga! haha. kyalng November dn eun ee.
sbi nung mga HP fans, minove na nga nung June, bka i-move dw po ulit ean kse dba sbay sla ng New Moon? aynako. star na ko mag-ipon ngeon. haha, 2 blockbuster movies in 1 month?
prang di kasya! haha. Smile
sna lng hndi na i-move.
2 years ng minove eang HP ee.

waaaa! ou sbe un ni Kristen tsaka ni Chris Weitz. waaa! edward! nung una dw nahirapan c Jacob mag-reduce and mag-add ng muscle weight, peo pag indi dw nea naaus diet nea, he’s out of New Moon taping. Super ganda tlga! iniimagine q plng! peo i hate the part n wla c edward. AMPF! waaa! i cant wait!
indi q p nbabasa HBP tas DH. WHAT?! imomove nnmn nila? magkaka-commotion at sisihan nnmn. ampf. peo im excited for BOTH. waaa!mamamatay na si DDore? why? c Voldemort? indi q pa kxe nbabasa HP 6 and 7 eh! sa 7? wla na cla sa hogwarts? nkakaexcite! lhat na!

NEW MOON trailer is OUT!




Fansites: most anticipated scenes in New Moon

What five scenes in the New Moon book do you most want to see on the big screen? That’s the question we posed to a number of Twilight fansites. We bring you their responses below — in alphabetical order (just to be clear that we’re not picking favorites).

But we also want to know what you’re looking forward to seeing. Be sure to drop us a comment below, telling us your five most-anticipated New Moon scenes.

Warning: potential plot spoilers! (Jenny’s choices)

  1. The whole of chapter 3, ‘The End”
  2. Bella’s birthday party
  3. The meeting with the Volturi
  4. The face-off between the wolves and Laurent in Edward’s meadow
  5. Bella’s cliff diving at La Push

His Golden Eyes

  1. The paper-cut scene — You could call this “the beginning of the end” for our favorite human-and-vampire couple. This scene is an essential part of the book — and the entire series, really. This is where Edward decides that he better leave to make Bella safe. Besides, who doesn’t want to see Jasper go all “blood-thirsty-vamp” on Bella?
  2. Bella, Jacob, and Mike at the movies — This is one of the lighter moments in the story. This scene provides some much-need comic relief after Bella’s comatose months. It’s nice to see Bella moving forward, and let’s face it, as much as we adore the pesky-but-adorable Mike Newton, him puking his poor little guts out will provide us with countless laughs.
  3. Bella’s cliff diving — This scene is important because it sets up the second part of the novel perfectly: It is extreme enough to allow Bella to make her statement without risking her life too much. It’s better than, say, her crashing her bike into a tree. Oh, and we also get a peek at some red hair while she’s under water…*coughvictoriacough*.
  4. Meeting Emily — While this scene is not one that usually comes to mind when thinking of New Moon, it’s vital for the development of the story. Sam and Emily’s story helps Bella understand what “soul mates” truly mean. While meeting Emily, Bella also realizes that the wolves aren’t as safe as she thought they were.
  5. Volterra — This is a given not only because it’s the part that starts to tie up New Moon, but it’s what sets up the sequels. Also, it’s one of the few times where Bella gets to be the heroine instead of the damsel-in-distress.

  1. The one everyone is waiting for, Bella jumping from a cliff (There have already been quite a few fan videos about this one!)
  2. The high-speed scene where Alice and Bella are rushing to save Edward in the stolen, yellow Porsche
  3. Laurent discovering Bella in the woods, and then the werewolves menacingly coming out of the forest
  4. A glimpse into Alice’s vision (flashback of the future?) of Edward walking out into the sun and everyone seeing him glow
  5. The large group of tourists being led into the Volturi feeding room and slowly realizing that they have walked into a trap (Liz’s choices)

  1. Bella’s birthday paper-cut scene
  2. Port Angelas/the first time Bella “hears” Edward
  3. The cliff diving
  4. When Bella wakes up after Italy and thinks it’s a dream, and then her epiphany
  5. The Volturi, especially Jane and her powers

  1. When Bella stops Edward from exposing himself in Volterra
  2. Meeting the Volturi
  3. When Edward leaves Bella
  4. When Bella jumps off the cliff
  5. Bella hallucinating hearing/seeing Edward

More Edward in New Moon! yay!

More Edward in New Moon

The Twilight Saga's New MoonWhile talking to E! Online, Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg addressed the more-Edward-in-New-Moon rumors, as well as her personal pick for the character of Riley in Eclipse. She said:

In the book, [Edward]’s actually an enormous presence in [Bella’s] mind. He’s so present in her mind throughout the entire center of the book, so we really played off that, and it kept him alive in a slightly different way, but fans will feel it’s true to the book. You can’t have a Twilight without Rob Pattinson.

Whether this will go down well with fans is anyone’s guess, as they’re all very protective of the original source material. And rightly so, too. Why change an element that is adored by millions of Twilighters?

Rosenberg also talked about Channing Tatum, and how she feels he’d be perfect for the role of Riley in Eclipse. Well, he’s definitely got the beefcake look going on, but a vampire? Hmm. He’d have to perfect a mean I’m-going-to-eat-you look first.