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Fro – September 17, 2009

She grabbed her IPod atop from her bed and started to fix her stuff. In a while Sam will be on his way to fetch her.

She scanned her bookshelves…
…What book?…
her fingers trailed the spines of her books. She loves books. A lot. That’s why she asked her mom to build her own library right inside her room.

City of Bones.
by Cassandra Claire

“Maybe this will do.” she heaved a deep sigh, and then grabbed the book from its shelf, grabbed her mailbag and headed for the doorway.

She grabbed a toast from the grand breakfast table the servants had attended for her.

“Im not having breakfast…” she said through the air as if talking to no one, but still, she’s always aware that the servants are watching their every move. “…so i guess you can eat them”

Within a few minutes, a honk at the gate made her jump.
“Frooooo!” Sam cooed from our gate, “come on we have to get going!”

[to be continued]


Fro – The wimpy teen

Well, its just my daily compilation of fictional thoughts.

It is mainly a story, maybe one day its all about vamps, magic, or whatever kind of whatnots.

I would like you all to meet Aphrodite (Fro)
As a headstart, here’s my description of Fro…
– Fro loves to read books, her favourite hangout place is HER OWN gigantic library at their house
– She is a Geek. No boyfriend since birth.
– She is good at academics but sucks so bad in matching tops and bottoms.
– She is also, one of the richest person in their school which is Bradfort Academy, but, sadly, no one knows
– She usually feels invisible, except for her only best friend : Sam

So, that was a jumpstart, every day is a new chapter, every day is a new adventure. LOL it sounds so dramatic.
But i suppose you will also love Fro