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Goodble, hello

I will really miss But it is not my final drop here at this is where i will always belong. I loved I never imagined i can actually maintain a blog. Thanks to wordpress, all of my life, in the net, is at keepsakes.

I love Always have, always will.

oh and visit my new blog. but all of my posts are there from the very beginning.

Golden pesticide will never FADE AWAY.


Wrath to come of Typhoon Pepeng

I admit, im really scared.
When i switch on my TV, all I can hear is the news about people who were devastated by typhoon ondoy. And it really scares me. Although we’re not very much affected by Ondoy, what about Pepeng?
There really is more to come for the Philippines. And we have to brace ourselves because PAG ASA declared that maybe it will hit the entire Luzon area.
Here’s a preview.
Im really scared. And terrified.

Join us with the relief distributions

Some of our family relatives in San, Fernando pampanga were gravely devastated by Typhoon Ondoy.
And our family members here in Metro Manila are organizing a relief distribution to the families there.
Old clothes, beddings, blankets, will be of great help to them.

Please participate.
For details, please contact me through YM:
sfaye_10 (look for shannen)
or through text:

My new theme : My life at random

Its a new concept. but i will change it constantly. depending on my interest.
As for now, you can see, here are my interests:

1.) New Moon movie
But of course its the official craving of every twilight fan around the globe, and im so freakin excited for it.

2.) Harper’s Island
Its my new beloved TV series. You’ve got to try this. I love the tandem of Abbie and Jimmy. And the OST of this series is awesome too: Love Remains the Same. For those who love suspense with a bit of crazy reincarnated love, this is totally the bite you’ve been waiting for.

3.) Van Alen Legacy
Blue Bloods fans are CRAVING and DYING at the same time for this. A vampire series by Melissa Dela Cruz. No, dont get me wrong. Its NOT YOUR TYPICAL VAMPIRE FICTION. It was so awesome. With suspense, thrilling and at the same time crazy love triangles, and surprises and revelations that will really not allow your fingers to release it even if you have to go to the bathroom. Within a night, you will finish a book in this series. I did.

More to come for Philippines

We are all very well aware that our country has just experienced a historical disastrous blow, namely, Ondoy.
Every people in all ages and social status were very well affected.

Unfortunately, even though we are just on the verge of recovering, There’s More To Come.

Here’s a satellite preview courtesy of Pag-asa:

I really pray that we will still make it out.
If we all coordinate altogether, we will still make it to the end.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo already ordered FORCED EVACUATION to those affected areas.

Van Alen Legacy Trailer

I havent finished watching it because im playing Restaurant City.
Anyway im sure Blue Blood fans will love it

im studying CMD!

Okay, my interest in hacking has just started. My friend sent a group PM how freaki’n stupid his net connection is. Then i asked him how, blah…blah…blah… then, he told me that he can hack into other servers and shut them down.

COOL isnt it?

Yeah im amazed too.

So, there comes his knowledge and im quite shocked about a lot of things that can be done in CMD.

Its a good thing im not a complete idiot on these stuffs, so im not quite out of placed.

And now, finally i have something good to learn on the internet 😀
(scratch that. i think the “Good” has to be replaced with “mischievous” :D)