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Student’s day out.

What’s better than a STUDENT’s DAY OUT after the mastery examinations?

We set out after we took the 2nd mastery examinations last september 19.

At first, we thought that it might be impossible, because we were separated. Some went home, some ate lunch already, some said they will just follow us later, some say we’ll meet at National Bookstore. But sooner and later, we do met altogether.

First, we ate at the foodcourt. I ate beef teriyaki from sizzling plate. its so sweet and delicious but it took an hour before it cooled down. amp!

Then Ashi, said that he will go to forex to change some yen he got for some peso. Then we’re off.

We headed to Storyland (LOL. so childish) and bought tickets for the roller coaster ride :D. Then we lined up to the ride. We want a whole ride all to us. So we first let some in ahead of us. Then we rose the roller coaster. Its so much fun if you’re with your friends! my classmates told me that im so noisy, shouting and all, bu those at the back of the ride were laughing all over because of Ashi’s SOS cries. LOL! Still at Storyland, Ashi bought some tokens for him to sing at the karaoke. And well, here it is. 😀

yeah he got ZERO! can you believe it!

oh well, when we’re almost heading off, i cant find germaine and marian c! Where are those! i searched through the entire gaming zone to find then dribbling balls at one of teh gaming slots. WHEW! that was a relief 😀

Then we headed straight to perfect click to pose some crazy MUGSHOTS of 6! LOL!

Wait up for the pics 😀 Rafa scanned them 😀


Join us with the relief distributions

Some of our family relatives in San, Fernando pampanga were gravely devastated by Typhoon Ondoy.
And our family members here in Metro Manila are organizing a relief distribution to the families there.
Old clothes, beddings, blankets, will be of great help to them.

Please participate.
For details, please contact me through YM:
sfaye_10 (look for shannen)
or through text:

Blog Updates

This blog hasnt really provided the REAL updates of my life. Just about online stuff and all. Or, th most important stuffs. Anyway, im on an update now. 😀 And im gonna edit mg header too 😀

My new theme : My life at random

Its a new concept. but i will change it constantly. depending on my interest.
As for now, you can see, here are my interests:

1.) New Moon movie
But of course its the official craving of every twilight fan around the globe, and im so freakin excited for it.

2.) Harper’s Island
Its my new beloved TV series. You’ve got to try this. I love the tandem of Abbie and Jimmy. And the OST of this series is awesome too: Love Remains the Same. For those who love suspense with a bit of crazy reincarnated love, this is totally the bite you’ve been waiting for.

3.) Van Alen Legacy
Blue Bloods fans are CRAVING and DYING at the same time for this. A vampire series by Melissa Dela Cruz. No, dont get me wrong. Its NOT YOUR TYPICAL VAMPIRE FICTION. It was so awesome. With suspense, thrilling and at the same time crazy love triangles, and surprises and revelations that will really not allow your fingers to release it even if you have to go to the bathroom. Within a night, you will finish a book in this series. I did.

I won at TWONTEST!

You were a runner-up on the Twontest. Please send us your address so
we can send you a copy of The Van Alen Legacy.

On Sat, Sep 12, 2009 at 12:20 PM, Shannen Faye Gabasa
> Restaurant : Le Bernardin
> Place : Longacre Theatre
> Church : Church of St. Mary the Virgin
> submitted by :
> Fhaye Gabasa

Christina Green
Office of Melissa de la Cruz

This is the email I received from Melissa Dela Cruz’s office.

This is my entry BTW.

Restaurant : Le Bernardin

Place : Longacre Theatre

Church : Church of St. Mary the Virgin

submitted by :
Fhaye Gabasa

I dug that out in my emails. My Hands are still shaking i really cannot believe that i am one of the runner ups. And im quite thankful that i am just one of the runner ups because i cannot seriously fly all the way toward NYC to attend the fab part-ay.

I am already REALLY HAPPY.

Thanks to the Melissa dela cruz Office,
More Power to the awesome blue bloods series, and
Thanks to God for giving me this opportunity.

ADVANCED copies of Van Alen Legacy here we come!

Numb by Marian Tolentino

Well i havent remembered the exact date but it is our English period when Mr Campos, our english teacher, called out on us who will read a piece from the book. Its kinda short but anyway, Germaine, one of my best friends, pointed at me.

I thought

What the heck. Just give in.

Besides, i will not die of trying anyway.

So i stood up. The moment i stood up, my classmates started to rag me about Carl. tsss. Well i suppose i dont care and at the same time I DO care. ugh. its so complicated.

Anyway, when i finished, one of my best friends too, Marian, gave me a piece of paper with her poem in it. Well, Marian is one heck of a poet and composer. She’s really good. I wonder why she hadnt posted all of her compositions online. Anyway, im surprised when i saw that as the title of the poem, there is written “Inspired by Shannen and Carl”.


Anyway she just told me to read it, no questions asked 😀

So here it is.

(im the one who titled it)

by Marian Tolentino
(inspired by Shannen and Carl)

I’m reading this letter
knowing you won’t listen
I’m staring at you knowing you won’t see
I’m whispering to myself
cause i can’t tell you

are you numb?
cause you can’t hear me
are you numb?
cause you can’t see me
are you numb?
cause you can’t feel me
Are you numb?
Or I’m the one who got numb
because my heart stopped beating,
the moment you turned me down

To my dearest Schuyler (Marian) thanks so much!

I love it! SO MUCH!

I hope i can watch Katy Perry live in Manila!

I really want it!
I want to see Katy Perry Live and Boys like Girls! i missed their last concert here in the Philippines.

I pray Dad will allow me to go.