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Apple’s iPhone 3G down to $99? is this for real?


i cant barely believe it!
Apple says it was because of the newest version of Aple iPhone 3GS.
totally awesome.
with built in VIDEO EDITING. it was really like a whole computer stacked up in a lightweight touch screen device! APPLE ROCKS!


Is jailbreaking iPhone/iPod Touch Illegal?

Im just wondering if jailbreaking an iPhone/iPod touch is ILLEGAL. But then, it is NOT. But you may know from these answers that Jailbreaking/Hacking can be UNHEALTHY for you iPhone/iPod touch devices.

here are the answers in Yahoo Answers.

Hacking the iPod Touch is not illegal. While Apple would like to make you think it is illegal, it is not, and it is impossible to get in any legal trouble for hacking it. You and Apple made an exchange. You gave Apple $400 and they gave you an iPod. It is officially yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

It is illegal to post copyrighted code, such as the operating system of the iPod Touch and the iPhone, on the Internet. But you won’t be doing that if you choose to hack your device.

It will not brick if you jailbreak it. If you do something wrong I am sure you can restore it. If you break it while it is jailbroken and there is no way to turn it on then you can’t do anything about it because you can’t restore, then apple will not do anything. It is not illegal unless you have game emulators such as GBA and NES. Apple can’t do anything to your decive, they just don’t like it. You can even have a jailbroken 1.1.2 and then upgrade to 1.1.3 and nothing will go wrong.

No but apple will screw up your product (brick) it if you jailbreak it.

It is not “Illegal” However, your warranty is voided. So if your ipod breaks, due to software problems there’s nothing apple will do. I believe you can restore it, however there are many mixed opinions out there, I’ve tried googling and yahooing forever however, there are just endless “yes it will work if you restore it, no it won’t ect, ect.”

However, even though i jailbreaked my iPhone in the past, i restored it. I dont want to screw up my iPhone. 😀

the Forsaken DOWNLOADING process of HAPPINESS

i dont know. its just every download gives me happiness and contentment. Although it is very much in need of constant patience, it keeps me contented for an instance. It makes my happiness SHALLOW as the seashore. Could that mean that HAPPINESS cna be downloaded? Well, maybe not, but still, i enjoy downloading. Most especially if it is for my iPhone.

Slept at 4 in the Morning listening to the City of Bones

The title gives it all. I started listening to the audiobook in my iPhone entitled City of Bones at exactly 12 in the midnight because im a bit scared of my very own room. All lights are turned off. How childish of mine. So i started reading, at first, it was just the continuation of the audiobook i failed to finish. But as soon as i listened, I cannot able to find my sleepy self. i was too attached to the story. The part that i read was full of climax and juicy new bits of gossip in the story. It was when everything gets clear and the REAL adventure begins. So, i checked on the clock time by time. At first i checked it in the midst of mylistening and it was 2AM my next check was 3:30 AM, then, my final check was 4AM. In my last check, which is 4:42AM, although im not feeling a bit drowsy, i turned off the iPhone then shut my lids closed. And it worked.

Stanza app

i like this app. the most revolutionized app i’ve ever seen. Yes it has a lot of requirements for it to run properly but, you will probably be shocked. A LOT of file formats supported! Even .zip files! A really must-have!

iPhone madness : FREE apps!

i know, i know, im sorry…i just discovered it. I thought i need a credit card first to download even free Apps. Im just downloading free apps. but they sure are good even if they are downloaded for free. I will list down all the applications i’ve downloaded in my next post.

Rush Download mode

as i;ve said earlier, i will fail to go online, because im gonna go to granny’s house. So, i must put , my iphone’s limit to the edge. Im downloading 12 videos from Youtube thru Mostly anime but also Jdorama (Hana Kimi) i already loaded it with audiobooks. Im just gonna fill it up with a couple of music videos like Please dont leave me, broken strings, antukin, and thinking of you. Im gonna miss going online.