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Well, i must admit. I AM THE MASTERMIND.

But really, i am not expecting the whole class to depend on it. 😀

And i hadnt intended too to publicize it. Just trip.

But now, recently, unexpected things happen.

The first one whom i gave the password was Germaine. I told her “Let’s try to improve the patience site”

and then we’re off. But in a few months we became a bit un-updated. Anyway, I suppose now, everything is in it’s great shape. I already added Pointers to review, every subject for examination preparation, and the most famous assignment section! Its really cool. And blog posts about patience are also there 😀

visit our site.

I will be adding a loading/password page so it will strictly be for patience students only, but, it will be sooner.

please visit :


Social Studies is such a pain in the behind.


But on the good side, i did manage to finish 3 chapters outline within 20 minutes! Thank you lord so much.

But a lot of us didnt.

We did not expect it to be like this FAST?!

Oh well, I will prove myself worthy. I will do my best!

Numb by Marian Tolentino

Well i havent remembered the exact date but it is our English period when Mr Campos, our english teacher, called out on us who will read a piece from the book. Its kinda short but anyway, Germaine, one of my best friends, pointed at me.

I thought

What the heck. Just give in.

Besides, i will not die of trying anyway.

So i stood up. The moment i stood up, my classmates started to rag me about Carl. tsss. Well i suppose i dont care and at the same time I DO care. ugh. its so complicated.

Anyway, when i finished, one of my best friends too, Marian, gave me a piece of paper with her poem in it. Well, Marian is one heck of a poet and composer. She’s really good. I wonder why she hadnt posted all of her compositions online. Anyway, im surprised when i saw that as the title of the poem, there is written “Inspired by Shannen and Carl”.


Anyway she just told me to read it, no questions asked 😀

So here it is.

(im the one who titled it)

by Marian Tolentino
(inspired by Shannen and Carl)

I’m reading this letter
knowing you won’t listen
I’m staring at you knowing you won’t see
I’m whispering to myself
cause i can’t tell you

are you numb?
cause you can’t hear me
are you numb?
cause you can’t see me
are you numb?
cause you can’t feel me
Are you numb?
Or I’m the one who got numb
because my heart stopped beating,
the moment you turned me down

To my dearest Schuyler (Marian) thanks so much!

I love it! SO MUCH!

T.G.I.F and T.G.A.T.T.A.D. (read to know what it means)

Thank God its Friday and THANK GOD ALL THE TESTS ARE DONE 😀

Damn! we had a full blast this friday! Our minds were disposed on the classroom trash bin when the day was done. We have Social Studies, then Filipino, Geometry, Chemistry, and Trigonometry! Can you imagine that! all in ONE DAY!

The teachers really have something against us. And i bet its what they call “THE PAYBACK EXAM”

well congratulations to them we were totally wilted 😀

Patience! its gonna be a hell of a busy night!

Listen up patience students! tomorrow we may shout out : “T.G.I.F”, but we will weep tonight because the wrath of homeworks are on their most supreme forces! Let’s fight it up! we can do this!

First, social studies, the cartolina dividing thing and we have to draw the map of greece or something.

I cannot imagin that i got a very low grade on my notes! its perfectly complete! except for well, i admit it, it lacks a few notes but only a few! is it fair to grade me 75%? oh no. a black hole on my aim to be top 1.

Nawp, no more hindrances. i will fulfill it all.

Suspended schooldays

LOL! nothing beats it.

But i really am bored mostly if the suspension reaches two days. tsk.


Nothing compares to the misty/rainy mornings along with the proclamation in the news, “CLASSES ARE SUSPENDED”