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BLOG under construction

As you see im on renovations now.
I changed my theme and surely later i will change my header.
Wait up!


im on the fifth rank!

yay! its so awesome! im so surprised and SHOCKED! thanks to my MOM for being an inspiration, to Good rabbit school supplies and NATIONAL BOOKSTORE puregold! i couldnt have done it without NBS PG! thank you mostly to the Almighty God who guided me and gave me knowledge.

whoops. haha.

im abashed about the comments of 2NE1 fans about my current blog post. oh well, im just posting my opinions. is that a bad thing to do? well if you dont agree with me, then just get out of my blog, dont read any of my posts. i dont care. i love other 2ne1 songs but im just giving my opinion about one event anyway, so, BACK OFF.


This is just totally the worst that’s happening.
Even the Computer shop im in right now is such a piece of crap.
I can’t upload files from my USB! this is the punishment of my life! i cant even open my facebook account! and twitter is malfunctioning here!
there’s a toolbar at the bottom on which i clicked accidentally and opened a foreign program!
this is the WORST!
I miss my social networks. 😦
please come back, my internet.
Its so NOISY in here! GRRR!
i hate this!

Crappy internet connection!

This is so NOT HUMANE!
I have my rights to have sufficient internet connection!
How am i supposed to live!
The connection just DISAPPEARED! OMFG! this is so disappointing. And now, we have to reformat the whole thing. UUUGGGHHH!. The next time i want a surround sound effect on my Media player, i will surely NOT DOWNLOAD CRACK FILES! UUUUUGGGGHHHH! I can’t survive this. donations please.


ha! this pandemic came from various status changes made by me and my puff 😀

it all started with our crazy status. and in addition, he is really SLOOOOW (sorry puff) so we started up with the KING OF SLOW :my puff and the QUEEN OF SLOW : me! then we LOL-ed about it, then i entitled him as ANING, and he told me “its like a virus, spreading” haha. then i came up with the ANING pandemic.
hahaha! i really rolled out on the floor laughing at it.

I love my Puff

haha. i’ve never ever met someone so funny in my entire life. well, im not sure about it. because i havent got that lot of friends. But my Puff is the most hilarious person i know. He’s like a li’l brother to me. I even know his CRUSH! haha! his name fits a girl “Denisse” LOL! he’s not a homo okay? hahahaha. i SUPPOSE he is STRAIGHT 😀 He’s super kind, we met on Multiply and became known to each other on FS, met each other at school, and got to be friends and really weird friends on YM. My puff’s Denisse Bonsato. He’s also a HP lover. 😀 like me! We got our call names from Hufflepuff! haha!

to my Puff:
“love ya puff! hahah! go for the ANING PANDEMIC!”