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Crying Moments : 1 Liter of Tears

Many, (no) i mean, … a LOT told me that One Liter of tears, was the most dramatic (the really thing that makes you cry) asian telenovela they ever watched. And i really know im such a crybaby, but why did i not feel anything by watching it? Well, maybe its because i didnt start watching it from the very first episode up to the last. :p


Rush Download mode

as i;ve said earlier, i will fail to go online, because im gonna go to granny’s house. So, i must put , my iphone’s limit to the edge. Im downloading 12 videos from Youtube thru Mostly anime but also Jdorama (Hana Kimi) i already loaded it with audiobooks. Im just gonna fill it up with a couple of music videos like Please dont leave me, broken strings, antukin, and thinking of you. Im gonna miss going online.

Hana Kimi (japan) episode 3

watch Hana Kimi (japan) episode 3 here.
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