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Well, i must admit. I AM THE MASTERMIND.

But really, i am not expecting the whole class to depend on it. 😀

And i hadnt intended too to publicize it. Just trip.

But now, recently, unexpected things happen.

The first one whom i gave the password was Germaine. I told her “Let’s try to improve the patience site”

and then we’re off. But in a few months we became a bit un-updated. Anyway, I suppose now, everything is in it’s great shape. I already added Pointers to review, every subject for examination preparation, and the most famous assignment section! Its really cool. And blog posts about patience are also there 😀

visit our site.

I will be adding a loading/password page so it will strictly be for patience students only, but, it will be sooner.

please visit :


Patience! its gonna be a hell of a busy night!

Listen up patience students! tomorrow we may shout out : “T.G.I.F”, but we will weep tonight because the wrath of homeworks are on their most supreme forces! Let’s fight it up! we can do this!

First, social studies, the cartolina dividing thing and we have to draw the map of greece or something.

I cannot imagin that i got a very low grade on my notes! its perfectly complete! except for well, i admit it, it lacks a few notes but only a few! is it fair to grade me 75%? oh no. a black hole on my aim to be top 1.

Nawp, no more hindrances. i will fulfill it all.

First day : SUCKS? or ROCKS? Neither.

i dont know either. But i kinda enjoyed it.
Here’s the details.

1. We woke up. Dad tapped me 3 times in the shoulder and i was wide awake. LOL! I dont know if im nervous or whatever.

2. Preparation. Good thing i already prepared my uniform and necessary toiletries the night before, so that im not scumming around in the morning looking for a pair of socks.

3. We went to school. I kinda expected that i’m gonna be early. We left the house so early! (6:30 SHARP.) haha. SHARP yeah.There was a gigantic line at the front of the school gate. I thought we’re at the wrong place. 😀 then i saw Emmarvie. Grr. of all human beings. kidding. and Jaybor was also there. When me and my sister’s near the gate itself, i saw that it was H1N1 prevention precautions. Our adviser (also a side-lined nurse), was checking the temperatures of students. By placing the weird ear thermometer. It barely touched my ear. i wonder if that was supposed to work like that.

4. Flag ceremony. Crowded. As usual. But im pretty much used to it. By the mouth of the gym, Sir Banatao, which i ought that he already know what my section is, told me where the other patience students were.

5. By the Patience. “Gee” my friend Alexanda greeted me with a warm smile. She’s with Adrienne, Fatima, and Maycel. Im with Marian, we both sat to the gym floor because obviously, there’s no more space. Cathlene sat between me, and Henriette arrived. Im pretty damn sure that she’s annoyed with Henriette. haha. Then, i saw Germaine and Jessca walking in the gym borders when they suddenly went back. i dont know maybe they forgot something upstairs.

6. Worst of it. This was my worst first day ever because of my stupid water container. I was so startled to find a pool of water in front of me when Marian told me so. Good thing that the opening ceremony was about to begin before anyone noticed it. And so, the day went on terribly. I used my handkerchief to prevent the water from dripping to the floor. It was such an inconvenience.


3rd year Patience official student list (S.Y. 2009-2010)

if i dont know your full name or it wasnt spelled correctly, im sorry, please blame me later. LOL!
(bold letters are NEW. unBOLD letters are NOT NEW haha. well, feeling q lang na bago, sorry if im wrong!)

Krizzia Andaya
Jeremiah Aquino
Kimberly Arreola
Fred Baldemor
Adrienne Baldemor
Agripina Bautista
Joefel Bessat
Joyce Briones
Ira Camagay
Faith Cawagas
Marian Celeste
Germaine Del Moro
Cathlene Dela Cruz
Jennifer Domingo
Rose Ann Dorington
Mark Angelo Ebale
Shannen Gabasa
Mikaela Galang
Carl Garcia
Alexandra Giron
Jessca Inocando
Gellyn Inocencio
Sharmaine Jacob
Charles Allen Kobayashi
Danielle Lagman
Ralf Francis Lagundi
Rupert Lao
Caroline Lea
Angelica Macalintal
Charmaine Maglaque
Zairallei Manalo
Mark Marquez
Maycel Muan
Kim Niedo
Donita Padilla
Fatima Pechardo
Marian Genevive Rances
Carlo Raquino
Sam Neigellene
Rafael Santillan
Shiena Sevillano
Henriette Soriano
Yoshia Taga
Jeric Tidon
Erika Ting
Reda Villarin
Allison Vios
Gizelle Palma