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Student’s day out.

What’s better than a STUDENT’s DAY OUT after the mastery examinations?

We set out after we took the 2nd mastery examinations last september 19.

At first, we thought that it might be impossible, because we were separated. Some went home, some ate lunch already, some said they will just follow us later, some say we’ll meet at National Bookstore. But sooner and later, we do met altogether.

First, we ate at the foodcourt. I ate beef teriyaki from sizzling plate. its so sweet and delicious but it took an hour before it cooled down. amp!

Then Ashi, said that he will go to forex to change some yen he got for some peso. Then we’re off.

We headed to Storyland (LOL. so childish) and bought tickets for the roller coaster ride :D. Then we lined up to the ride. We want a whole ride all to us. So we first let some in ahead of us. Then we rose the roller coaster. Its so much fun if you’re with your friends! my classmates told me that im so noisy, shouting and all, bu those at the back of the ride were laughing all over because of Ashi’s SOS cries. LOL! Still at Storyland, Ashi bought some tokens for him to sing at the karaoke. And well, here it is. 😀

yeah he got ZERO! can you believe it!

oh well, when we’re almost heading off, i cant find germaine and marian c! Where are those! i searched through the entire gaming zone to find then dribbling balls at one of teh gaming slots. WHEW! that was a relief 😀

Then we headed straight to perfect click to pose some crazy MUGSHOTS of 6! LOL!

Wait up for the pics 😀 Rafa scanned them 😀